Her Dear & Loving Husband: #Spooktober Book Review

Her Dear & Loving Husband


Her Dear & Loving Husband by Meredith Allard is set in Salem, Massachusetts. It’s the perfect setting for a book about vampires and witches.

While taking a tour of Salem, Sarah is intrigued by one of the houses and its owner, James. Apparently, Sarah looks like his wife who passed away. James doesn’t tell her that his wife died during the Salem Witch Trials or that he is a vampire.

Sarah and James start spending quite a bit of time together and are starting to fall in love. At first, James isn’t sure if he likes Sarah because she looks like his wife.

Sarah has had awful nightmares for many years. She has also recently divorced her husband and moved to Salem. In many of the dreams, it’s like she’s seeing someone else’s memories. She also sees a man without a face that she thinks is her husband – not her ex-husband. Who is he? Are her dreams really memories?

Her best friend/boss, J.J, is a witch. Sarah’s coven wants to help Sarah learn more about what’s going on with her dreams. J.J. also knows that James is a vampire and pleads with him to tell Sarah. She thinks it will help them both to move forward with their relationship.

After some hesitation, Sarah agrees to do a past-life regression session. The session reveals so much that I cannot tell you. It will all make sense to you after you read the book for yourself.

Besides the issues with Sarah, James is trying to avoid a vampire hunter who is also a reporter. He’s pretty sure that the vampire hunter is going to expose him and his vampire friends.


If you like vampire romances, then you will enjoy Her Dear & Loving Husband. If you are a vampire hunter or have something against witches, then you might not like this book.

Her Dear & Loving Husband

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  1. Thank you for the review. It’s much appreciated!

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

  2. selizabryangmailcom Avatar

    Sounds interesting and creepily romantic!

    “If you are a vampire hunter or have something against witches, then you might not like this book.”

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