Interview with . . . Frayle

Frayle, a witchy doom metal band, will be releasing an album this week. The band will be going on a European tour this fall.

I am very excited that they had time to do an interview. Please welcome Frayle of Cleveland to the blog!



Who is answering the questions?


Tell us about your latest project.

Our album Skin&Sorrow will be released on September 23. It is a project of mourning. Having lost some close family and friends, the tone of the album quickly took a somber turn. 

I hope that others will find some solace in this music. 

What kind of look does your studio have?

Our studio is located on the third floor of our home. It is filled with amps, guitars, cabs, all manner of speakers and microphones as well as the computer and software needed to capture everything. 

Sound blocking panels surround the recording area and Many show posters of ours and other bands take up the rest of the wall space. 

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I love to collaborate on others music! 

It would be amazing to collaborate with Darkher or King Woman on something!

Would you say that your songs are like spells?

Some of the songs absolutely have actual spells written into the lyrics. The others are written to take you to a different space. 

I always say that music is magick. 

Have you ever performed in a haunted space?

Our livestream video that we shot at the House of Wills was very haunted. 

Lights went out, full batteries drained and died. Our drone flew up and out of control and ended up crashing into a wall. 

It all felt very homey. 

How did the stars align for you guys to form Frayle?

Sean was in a band (Disengage)previous to this many years ago but seemed to have lost his passion for writing music. 

I got him music recording software for Christmas one year and it seemed to reignite his love for writing and recording. 

He twisted my arm into singing on some things that he wrote and the rest is history. 

Do you have a favorite scary movie?

I absolutely love the “Subspecies” movies by Full Moon pictures. 

Oddly, this same production company just recently bought a house  a couple of blocks away from where we live. I think I should knock on their door and force them to audition me for a villain role. Haha

Which movie should have had your music on the soundtrack?

Queen of the Damned!

What have been the musical highlights this year?

The tour with the legendary Cradle of Filth was definitely a highlight. They are an amazing group of individuals. Everyone in that camp couldn’t have been kinder or more professional. 

What do you want your fans to know about your music?

We write our music for you. I hope you can find something that resonates with you and offers you a sanctuary. At least for a little while. 





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