Omni of Halos: Meet and Greet

omni of halos

Swedish indie punk band, Omni of Halos has an EP available as well as the new single, “Empty Shell.” The band plans to introduce the world to their self-titled album in November.

Punk rock doesn’t usually sound perfect. Omni of Halos doesn’t care about perfection either. They just want to play their music.

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Henrik Hjelt Röstberg comments, “We just wanted to play massive indie rock with no limitations or influences.”

The band formed from the ashes of Swedish indie and punk bands that had previously dissolved. It’s pretty cool that Omni of Halos formed during a pandemic and are still together.

Check out their latest video and links.


Henrik Hjelt Röstberg – Vocals, Guitars, and Moog

Gabriel Unsgaard – Guitars and Vocals

Kyle Pitcher – Bass

Daniel Levin – Pedal Steel Guitar

Markkuu Mulari – Drums

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