A Shoreline Dream: Flawless Video of the Day

A Shoreline Dream of Colorado has made an ethereal offering with their latest video, “Driveway.” The video is the Flawless Video of the day.

Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ryan Policky and guitarist Erik Jeffries of the postpunk band filmed the video in Barnum, Colorado.

“Computers and technology advances are faster than we can control, and our realities are being changed at every moment by a whole new way of living. Some are giving up,” says Ryan Policky.

“Some are using it as a way to escape. Others are just moving into a hibernation state. In the video this is entirely the case. A person expelled by an unknown force. Something that is part artificial, and mostly real. A state of dreamy and a state of confusion. We follow along as it all blends together in a place from distant past. A place where we all find ourselves eventually.”

The next time that I am running from a plague doctor or the grim reaper, it would be awesome if this could be playing in the background on a big screen. Of course, someone else would have to play it because I will be running from the spooky plague doctor. My theory is that the woman caught the doctor in the house figurine, which would be a win for her. She could quit running and go somewhere worthy of her lovely dress.

The ‘Loveblind’ LP is out now digitally, available everywhere, including SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp

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