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Cooking for the End of the World: DIY Cookbook

I am probably being paranoid about the end times coming sooner. At any rate, I need to get my recipes copied from Pinterest before society totally crumbles and takes the Internet with it.

So I’m just sharing a few ideas that I came across while researching options for recipe books. I realize that it is April Fool’s Day but this post and the links are real. The guy in the picture is my boyfriend. The kids and I would starve without him. He is essential. Also, no joke. 🙂

  1. Make a Bullet Journal/Recipe Book

This would be a good option if you have tons of time and are artistic. You would only need the journal of your choice, pens, markers and time. It would not cost very much, just the cost of the journal and art supplies.

2. Binder and Printables


Decorating your own binder is a way to make your recipe book more personal. You could type the recipes onto the cards if your handwriting is not great. It’s still a cost effective option.

3. Use an online program to print a cookbook

So if you are short on time or artistic ability, you could visit Create My Cookbook and make your own cookbook. I just started cutting and pasting recipes this week.

I have finally figured out how to use my Instagram photos. If you share them to Facebook from Instagram, it should work. Maybe . . .

4. DIY. The old fashioned way.

Buy some recipe cards and a binder at the store. You should probably get some pens. If you have kids or grandkids with decent handwriting, they could help you write.

adam cooks everything: YouTube Review



I was looking around the Bloggers Required website to find a new project. So one of the projects was to watch Adam Cooks Everything on YouTube and do a review. I was curious about what he was going to cook.

This guy Adam wants to cook the world’s most expensive burger. I’m not sure why. He just felt like it was the thing to do.

It was kind of entertaining. He brings a dog on the show. Dogs are almost always entertaining. In fact, they usually steal the show. Adam has a cheesy sense of humor. I feel like he’s holding back with the jokes.

Don’t hold back Adam!! That chick from My Drunk Kitchen is super funny and holds nothing back. I know – it’s because she is wasted, not because of her cooking skills.  However, she is very popular.

I probably could cook it. I probably won’t because my kids won’t eat it. Who can eat a burger with so many burgers? (My guess: the dog)

I think Adam has some useful tips. He also has more videos that I’m going to be watching. I want to know all about the coconut shrimp. Also, will he be making something really and truly outrageous?




Here is a link to the video:

How to Make the Most Expensive Burger: Adam Cooks Everything


Adam Cooks Everything website





*I’m doing this review for Bloggers Required. I’m not getting paid for my opinion. *

The Best and Lightest: #bookreview


The editors at Food Network Magazine are seriously good at what they do: making food look delicious and approachable. I mean, most of the recipes look fairly easy to make even for a non-cook like me.

The table of contents has a picture of every dish. So you can look at all of the recipes and see what they look like before you even get to the first page.

My favorite part of the books, besides the photographs, are the snack time sections. Who doesn’t love snack time? The snacks are healthy – At least these snacks are healthier than what we eat for snacks at my house. Honestly, when no one is home, I eat snacks for dinner. However, now I could make one of the snacks from “The Best and Lightest” and not feel guilty the next morning.

If I wasn’t giving this to someone who really loves to cook, I would keep it for my own kitchen.


*I did receive this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for doing a review.

Inspiration: Movies, Cooking & Surfing




For the last month, maybe two months, I have been rather uninspired. I have been in the valley (aka the pits of despair) with this guy  . . .


Not really. I haven’t even been to a literal valley. For Pete’s sake, I haven’t even been to Cleveland for several months.  I’ve mostly been going to the library and watching movies.

In the last two months, I’ve probably watched at least 50 movies. 50 is the low estimate. There were good movies, bad movies, movies that made me fall asleep – I’m talking to you “Inception.” It would be great to stay awake and watch Tom Hardy but all of those people sleeping makes me sleepy.

However, there have been two movies that I’ve watched this week that have been fairly inspiring.

When I rented “Chasing Mavericks,” I didn’t know that it was based on the true story of Jay Moriarity. I won’t tell you what happens. I will tell you that it makes me want to get off of the couch and go surfing. I’m from Ohio. I’ve never even touched a surfboard. It’s possible that I’ve not even seen a surfboard in person. That’s not the point. The point is that I need to get out there and do stuff again. It’s not that I want to surf the Mavericks but I want to learn the basics. Small waves are better than no waves.

Would I rather waste time being a couch potato or learn to surf and maybe meet some sharks. If I came face to face with a shark, I would at least have a story to tell. Probably. I mean, after I kick the shark in the face. Then it can be storytime.


The second movie was “Julie & Julia.” I totally relate to Julie. She’s in a rut and then she starts to blog. I’m a blogger and currently in a rut. (My grandma blamed being in a rut on drinking too much soda. It turns out that she was right.)


Anyway, as many of you know, I’m a terrible cook. It’s more than just being terrible, I’m afraid of cooking or rather afraid of the rejection and disgust from listening to people complain about my cooking. I’ve gotten back into the kitchen for short periods of time – only out of necessity.

My mom says that I’m an avoider of difficult subjects. When I was a kid, I used to take naps to avoid life. Now, I just outright avoid the kitchen, except for doing dishes and making coffee. Sometimes, I pour cereal for the kids. I have offered to make them food but they almost laugh me out of the room, like “Yeah, no thanks mom. We’d like to live another day.”

I don’t want to be this person that avoids scary things, like cooking and sharks. I want to get out of this rut. Getting back into the kitchen might be part of the ticket. Today, I found a Chinese cookbook in the kitchen. It must be my boyfriend’s – my cookbooks are usually called, “Quick & Easy” and “Oops.” The cookbook is very zen. I need some zen cooking and surfing lessons. It has got to be better than hanging out in the pits of despair.



#WeekendCoffeeShare: Syrup is NOT oil and other stuff


If we were having coffee, I would have two cups. How many do you need? What have you guys been doing this week? Here’s the skinny on my week.

  • There was a lot of work this week. So many early mornings that started at 4:30 a.m.
  • There was a lot of driving. To work. To pick up kids.
  • There was a lot of trying to be patient. I didn’t want to be the one to get arrested in the pickup lane at school. That lady totally cut me off while I was trying to follow the rules. She at least deserved the finger or something. But I did not. I was thinking of the children. Also, I would have looked like the asshole even if I wasn’t.
  • So I think partially because I was tired and just not paying attention, I used corn SYRUP to make popcorn instead of corn OIL. Twice. I have literally burned the ever-loving shhhiiiiit out of two pans.
  • cookingfail
  • Now the neighbors and local birds know that I cannot cook. Lucky birds. Hopefully, they like syrup on their burnt popcorn.
  • My boyfriend thinks it is hysterical. He won’t think so when there are no pans left.
  • It was a decent week on the blog. There were posts that I thought were good. My boob is in a picture and no one noticed. 🙂 Sneaky boob. Sneaky. Sneaky.
  •  I didn’t do as many photo challenges this week. I’m trying to think of new stuff to write about. Coffee will help. It has to helllllp meeeee.
  • There was probably something else. I can’t remember. It’s naptime.

Recipe Schmecipe: NaBloPoMo

Have you ever made up your own recipe? Tell us about it.


I don’t think I have made up my own recipe – At least, not one worth repeating. It’s just a coincidence that I’m cooking today. Sorry kids. Mom has to be the cook today. Lucas is suffering from cooking too much. He suggested that I could use the crockpot with a high percentage of success.

So I found a crockpot recipe for spaghetti. I am really good at finding recipes but not so good at executing the recipe. Executing isn’t the right word because I do destroy or annihilate the recipe. I’ll be over here thinking of a better word, while I’m trying not to destroy spaghetti. You wonder, “Who can destroy spaghetti?” Me. I can.

Oh my glob. I’ve ruined it already. It only took ten minutes to annihilate the spaghetti. It’s like spaghetti apocalypse around here.

I think my spaghetti looks better. It’s probably because my noodles look really cool. Imagine me saying it with a British accent, “Really cool.” Let’s hope saying it with an accent makes it taste better.


Julia Child is British. Let’s watch a video of her burning food just because it sounds like fun. I can relate.

On a side note, here’s a video about British accents vs. American accents

Whatever Bobby Flay Makes: NaBloPoMo

What is your favorite thing to make for dinner?

Let me give you a list of things I like to make for dinner.

1. Spaghetti

Yeah, that about sums it up. I don’t really like to make anything. If I had my choice, we’d get take out or hire a personal chef. Unfortunately, it’s just not financially responsible to do either of those things.

What are the odds that Bobby Flay is available to cook for us anyway? He’s so busy with writing cookbooks, doing several shows on the Food Network and so on and so forth. How many shows is he on now anyway? My guess is five. It could be ten.


I just Googled it. Bobby Flay is on three shows that are on the air now. However, if we include shows that are still being shown in re-runs, the count is seven. Either way, he is way too busy to want a gig as a personal chef.


Like a Cake Boss: NaBloPoMo

What recipe are you known for amongst your friends and family?

Prompts like these make me wish I was a better cook.


In my family, I am known more for recipe disasters than successes. When Little Sister #1 was 2, I decided to make a cake. I should have just stopped right there before I even opened the box of cake mix. I should have just gone to the bakery and ordered a cake.

However, I did not. I also thought I would be fancy and take the cake out of the pan by turning it upside down. Who knew it would break in half? Probably someone like the Cake Boss would have known. Who knew it would also not be a clean break but more of a crumbled break? Again, I’m sure the Cake Boss would have predicted the outcome.

cake boss

I’m not really anything like a cake boss but Little Sister #1 would appreciate the image anyway. 🙂 It needs something – maybe some cake.

Although, I don’t cook – I know people. Most of those people are on my Pinterest Board called “Food or Something like it.” There are a lot of talented people that really are talented cooks, bakers and the like.


I also did a post about food blogs. You can read it here


Gasoline Stove: Daily Post

If your furniture, appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

It’s no secret that I don’t cook. In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I cooked anything. Why cook when you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

During the holidays, my family prefers that I don’t bring anything that I’ve made. They don’t mind if I bring pop or napkins. Someone needs to do it. On the other hand, if Lucas makes something, everyone is pretty stoked. I can’t blame them. He is a really good cook.

Can you imagine how my stove would feel if I was the main cook? It would be terribly neglected and sad. It might even be looking for new owners, who would use it on a regular basis. At the moment, the stove is just a resting spot for two teapots.

The stove will probably pack up the teapots and leave me. It deserves a much better chef than me. The stove knows it too.


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