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Last Minute Gifts: NaBloPoMo


How long has it been going on? Maybe months but it’s possible that it’s been longer than that. I buy gifts at the last minute. Sometimes the day before the event. Other times I stop at the store on the way to the event. If I’m running late, then I buy something during the event.

Why do I do this? I have ideas for gifts. It’s not the choosing of the gift or spending money that causes me to procrastinate. I can do both quite well.

There is even a Pinterest board on my account for gift ideas. So I have no excuses for not buying or making gifts on time.

I also have a ton of photographs that I could give as part of the gift. This reminds me that my mom still has not hung up the pictures that I gave her two years ago. I think her issue is with hanging pictures. Maybe next time, I will hang them for her.

It’s just a matter of getting in the car and driving to the store. Oh yes, driving. That’s the part I don’t like. I should really look into buying more stuff online. Etsy perhaps.

I’ll work on it.

Adam Sandler Never Disappoints. NaBloPoMo

Tell us the methods you use to get through a disappointment

I don’t know if I would call them “methods.” 

Here is the rundown of stuff I do when I’m disappointed.

1. I cry mostly because I’m angry.

2. Then I might cry a little more because I’m sad.

3. I eat some chocolate or ice cream.

4. Making a list of why I’m better off not getting what I want helps.

5. Finding funny stuff on Pinterest. 

6. Finding inspirational quotes on Pinterest. 

7. Shopping. Shoe shopping is the best.

8. Watching a funny movie. Adam Sandler hasn’t let me down yet.

 Next time, I’m disappointed I will have to remember to look up Adam Sandler on Pinterest. Okay, I couldn’t wait. 


Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Everywhere

Every fall, there is a lot of pumpkin everywhere. Are you a fan of it? Why or why not?


Last fall, I went the whole season without having a pumpkin cappuccino or a pumpkin latte. However, I did have a pumpkin hard cider. It was pretty good. 

I also enjoyed many pumpkin pies and a few pumpkin rolls last year. I’m hoping to have a repeat of the pies and rolls. 

While browsing through Pinterest, I have found some amazing looking recipes for pumpkin cookies, pumpkin brownies, pumpkin smoothies. I feel like I was totally missing out last fall. It will not happen again this fall. I swear by the Great Pumpkin that I will try more pumpkin recipes. 



Daily Post: Things My Boyfriend Thinks . . . I think.

Who’s the last person you saw before reading this prompt? Whether it’s a family member, a coworker, or a total stranger, write a post about what that person is thinking right now.

Thoughts from Boyfriend:
I’ve been working. Then when I get home from work, my girlfriend has more work for me. When I’m done with that I have to go to my second job. I think I had a nap but I’m not sure. It could have been my imagination. Where am I right now? Probably at work.
I’ve seen that bed she wants me to build. Damn that Pinterest! We are going to need to find a person that knows about carpentry. It’s going to take at least a case of beer to get through her latest project. She still owes me a case from laying the carpet.
Here’s the link to the bed that she wants: http://barefootinbluejeans.com/diy-herringbone-bed-2/ I hope I get to sleep on it sometime.
She thinks this “Hey Girl” stuff is so funny. I know because she posts it to my Facebook like once a week.


I wish she would post this instead:


Or this would be cool:




On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy are you about pinterest?

I love Pinterest in an off-the-charts kind of way. A few years ago, I heard from a few crafty friends about this website called Pinterest. I asked them what it was and if they liked it. My crafty friends said that I should look into it immediately. So I did. Three years later, Pinterest and I are still going strong.
In the beginning, I used it to pin scrapbooking layouts, destination vacations, crafts and funny pictures. Currently, I’ve been pinning food & beverages, quotes and stuff for my blog. I also have a board for dragons and “The Walking Dead.” It can be useful if you have a group of blogging friends with a group board. I’m fairly certain that individuals can start the group board and invite others. Repinning pins by other bloggers can be helpful – if they have things that you can fit into your boards somewhere. Pin items that make sense on your boards. I made an exception. I did make a new pet board, even though we have goldfish. This was only because some of the pet costumes were so cute.


See what I mean? 🙂 It makes me want to get a dog and dress it up for Halloween. Would that make me crazy? Maybe I could just borrow a dog for a few hours. Anyway . . . back to Pinterest.

Don’t underestimate the power of Pinterest. My blog and Pinterest page have much more traffic since linking them and also joining an online pinning group.



Be Creative: Projects from Pinterest

Be Creative: Projects from Pinterest

For the better part of today, I was not feeling creative. After a nap and a cup of tea, I thought I would give creativity another chance.
I found two projects on Pinterest that I thought I could do. They weren’t difficult to do. At the moment, I’m waiting on paint to dry so I can finish.
I will be posting the finished results tomorrow. My kid also did a painting that I think is sweet. 🙂 She gave her blonde sister some black hair because she couldn’t find yellow. Time for new paint. Mommy keeps mixing it all up. Time for a new palette also.

Pinterest link:

Be creative links: