30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 21 right?


It’s day 21 . . I think . . of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I misnumbered my post yesterday. So now you know, I struggle with numbers and dates, unless it’s a concert date.

Anyway, back to yoga. I still feel as though I’m making progress. No headstands yet but the balancing act is coming along nicely. I can do more poses without falling over immediately. The fish pose was much easier today than the last time.

I found this video on YouTube. I haven’t done a class with this instructor yet. It pleases me when I find new instructors so that I can have some variety to yoga practice.

Am I the only one that feels like I spend a lot of time in downward facing dog? Maybe too much time. What does that mean? What should I be learning from downward facing dog? Maybe the lesson will appear today.

I Googled downward facing dog. It’s supposed to be good for stretching, as well as relieving for sinuses and fatigue. So there it is. The reason for spending so much time in this pose – it’s good for all that ails us.

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