Sleep Deprived Music Review: The Damed

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The Damed of Los Angeles released their self-titled album within the last month or so. It has Riot Grrrl energy, which I love. In times like these, punk rock and feminism are absolutely necessary.

This album sounds like the band members are concocting a potion . Instead of eye of newt or a wolf’s tooth, they use lyrics and their instruments. If there’s a movie about witches coming out in the near future, then there should be a place for The Damed on the soundtrack. I did read something about “The Craft” getting a remake.

I like to listen to this album while I’m riding my stationary bike. It makes me feel like Miss Gulch in “The Wizard of Oz. The other place that I would like to listen to this album is at a political protest. It would be perfect for protesting.

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  1. Speaking of sleep deprived…I clicked on this post without requisite quantity of caffeine this morning and thought I read “The Damned”. I age myself but appreciated the time travel 😀 (same genre so not completely asleep lol)
    Great review. Agreed.. “In times like these, punk rock and feminism are absolutely necessary.”

    1. Hahaha! Stuff like that happens to me all of the time. Thanks for checking out The Damed review! 🙂

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